Where it all began

OllyLolly was born one day in Britain’s Ocean City (sometime in April 2015). An early heat wave was baking the streets and sending us all looking for ways to cool off.

We searched for something natural, frozen and fun but all we could find were outdated high sugar, high artificial and low fun frozen nasties. We really felt that our kids, us and everyone else deserved something better. It was in this very moment that OllyLolly was born!

That very day we decided to see if all natural, whole fruit ice lollies were what the people wanted.

OllyLolly is true to where it began and how frozen fruit on sticks evolved over 500 years ago. We are not a health food shop, only licked by a crystal healer during a solstice kind of deal, nor are we a hip hop you don’t stop crew hailing from South London wishing to take over the summer vibes of Kernowfornia with the bling ting.

We are from Plymouth, often the underdog but a City with everything a City needs. In revival and giving a nod to the best memories from hot summers of our childhoods, we want to offer up a no frills, simple, natural blast of flavour that tastes amazing, cools you down and actually gives you some good stuff.

We don’t feel we need to put birds on our product or even be endorsed by celebrity chef’s (but if any are interested…) because our recipes have been signed off by our Chief Tasters : Big Sis 9year old Layla with a mature palette for Pink Gooseberry, Rubedog a sprouting 7 year old whose fav is Mango & Raspberry and little Ava, only 2 but very sure that she likes ‘white lollies’ aka Pear & Gentle Ginger…

Most of all we want to have fun making lollies that taste good and do good. We do it as a family and with friends and want it to stay that way.

The Team

  • Layla, Ruben & Ava
    Layla, Ruben & Ava Top Lolly Lickers

    Chief tasters and critics, any lolly that doesn’t get the thumbs up from these guys never make it to market. They now have a serious habit for natural all fruit lollies and cannot go a day without one, even Christmas day.

  • Ollie
    Ollie Head of Lolly Science

    Ollie just happened to have a name that fits and an experimental approach to blending new frozen fruit treats.

  • Mel
    Mel The Brains

    Mel, she is the brains behind the team and handles all the critical things such as where our fresh fruit comes from, what’s in season, communications with our followers, outlets and all things logistical.